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It's not a typo or poorly translated English. The name came about quite simply: 


We are two modelers with a passion for Czechoslovak and Czech Air Force. That's where the AIR comes from. The rest of the name are our names - MAlý and STRmiska. That's how simple it is :).

I only wrote it here because two people asked me if it should have "master".

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About us

As mentioned above, we are two modellers who build models of Czechoslovak and Czech Air Force. And because we were not satisfied with the current production, we decided to start making aircraft that are missing in our collections and prepare them as kits for other enthusiasts.


It was quite a long journey, but at one point we agreed that our models are detailed and "fancy" enough to not be ashamed of them and to offer them to other modelers and enthusiasts. One advantage is that one of us builds 1:48 scale models and the other builds 1:72 scale models. So, with a few exceptions, they have been and will continue to be built in both scales. It is also possible to custom modify models to other scales.


We will continue to focus primarily on our air force. We are not limited by time and plan to have aircraft from different time periods. Most likely, you will find more models of various prototypes and lesser known aircraft with us in the future. However, we will not resist the more mass spread machines either.


Olda Malý takes care of the masters. Testing, printing, decals and such things around are provided by Standa Strmiska. Olda builds 1:48 scale models, Standa is trying to complete the collection of CS aircraft in 1:72 scale. Some of them can be seen on Facebook:

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