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We would like to inform new clients that our capacity for 2023 and the first half of 2024 is almost exhausted.

Preparation of flight-worthy replicas for new clients will not be possible until the second half of 2024 at the earliest.

Thank you for your understanding.

We offer special sophisticated 3D services.

For those interested, we offer special 3D services. These are sophisticated and advanced activities in the field of anything related to the issue of modeling in 3D and the production of 3D models from various materials.

Reverse 3D modelling

We can reverse engineer a 3D model of historical or otherwise unavailable aircraft, cars or any machine.


We specialize in aircraft, where we use our experience in aircraft construction and specialize in the reverse construction of mostly historical aircraft. This mainly involves the preparation of parts or complete aircraft as a 3D model in various levels of production:

1. Museum - a detailed mock-up reconstructed according to available materials.

2. Museum advanced - detailed mock-up with some functional parts

3. Model - detailed functional 3D model prepared for production of a scale model (for aircraft it is possible to choose C3 or C5 variant according to EU directive)

4. Replica - functional replica (for aircraft it is EXPERIMENTAL class. Some can also be prepared as UL (these are scaled-down replicas up to a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 600 kg or 650 kg for aircraft taking off from the water)

5. Development - we can also collaborate on design and development. However, our main domain is the reconstruction of historical structures.

How does it work

1. Email us at with your request - remember to include the following information: describe what you are interested in (see 5 points above) and don't forget to include your contact details.

2. We will get back to you to clarify the assignment and inform you of the tentative date.

3. We will prepare the project and its preliminary budget.

4. If we agree on it together, you need to pay a deposit.

5. Acceptance of documents.

6. Dates of the individual steps of the project (3D scanning (if necessary), 3D modelling, preparation of production technology and materials, commissioning of production (in the case of airworthy models, production is carried out by an external manufacturer with appropriate certification), production of the model

The project budget is continuously evaluated and updated. All changes are approved by both parties.

Our work is mainly project coordination. For each project, we put together a team that best suits your project. The team also includes external specialists for individual steps of the project.

We appreciate your interest, however, we are happy to be paid for our services. Therefore, we work only after a deposit is paid and there is no point in persuading us to start work without a proper deposit. Your project will be placed in the project queue only after the appropriate deposit has been paid. Below you will find the most common deposit amounts that you can pay immediately.


 200 000,- EUR / advance payment /

The models are prepared after a thorough mutual agreement. We prepare a specific budget for each project. 

Contact us by email for details.




We can create any 3D model according to your specifications. We also have an extensive database of our own 3D models, mostly with aerospace themes and for the aerospace industry. We continue to expand it with parts of historical aircraft. However, we are not limited to aircraft, but we can produce models of virtually anything you need.

The price of each project is highly individual. Please contact us with any request and we will make specific arrangements.

To speed up payments from all over the world, it is now possible to use credit card payment - we will send you a link to a payment gateway upon agreement.




Stanislav Strmiska (

Hlavní 99, CZ-69154 Týnec

Czech Republic

ID 11696494

VAT-ID CZ7609074308

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