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Custom creation of 3D models

3D modelování

Right from the start, we have to be clear that creating a good quality 3D model is not a cheap affair.


That's why we create a project budget before every modeling project, so you know how financially demanding the project would be and if it makes sense to even go for it.

We will create a 3D model according to your wishes. 

The first question is always the price of the model. The answer is not simple. It always depends on what kind of model it is, what it is to be used for, and to a large extent also on the quality of the supplied materials for the creation of the 3D model. 


However, we will be happy to discuss your ideas with you and, based on that, we will create a budget from which you can see how much time such a job would roughly take and therefore how costly it would be.


Contact us for further information. In your email, try to describe your ideas of what the 3D model should be and what it should be used for. If you have a specific and clear idea, we are halfway there.

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